Baking Failures & Other Tips


Failed Macarons

These failed for several reasons:

  • They were not folded properly
  • Forgot to add food coloring after whipping
  • They were undercooked

Detail 2

If your macarons turn out like this is is a lesson learned, and I unfortunately had to start over. Practice makes perfect!


Soft Peak vs. Stiff Peak

For anyone ever curious of what a soft peak and a stiff peak looked like side by side, this is my interpretation. I cannot tell you how helpful this was to see when baking because if you're using a hand mixer like me, it can be hard to tell where you're at.


Soft Peak

A soft peak looks a bit like Jack Skellington's hill from Nightmare before Christmas. It should curl over itself and should look shimmery.

Stiff Peak

A stiff peak should feel like soft silk between your fingers and you should be able to hold the bowl upside down (yes, upside down) and that means you've whipped up a perfect meringue. Another thing to note is you can never over beat egg whites especially once you've added Cream of Tartar.